Maintenance considerations for circulating fans


Maintenance considerations for circulating fans

2019-06-11 18:15

Proper maintenance and maintenance is an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the circulating fan and the improvement of the service life of the fan. Therefore, when using a tobacco baking cycle fan, it must be given full attention. Maintenance and maintenance of the impeller At the beginning of the impeller operation and all regular inspections, the impeller must be inspected for cracks, abrasion, dust and other defects as long as there is an opportunity. Whenever possible, the impeller must be kept clean, and the dust and scale on the surface should be brushed regularly with a wire brush, because as the running time is lengthened, it is impossible to uniformly attach the impeller to the impeller. The impeller balance is broken, causing the rotor to vibrate. As long as the impeller is repaired, it needs to be rebalanced. If available, you can use the portable test balancer to balance on site. It is necessary to check that all the tightening bolts are tightened before balancing. These bolts may have loosened because the impeller has been operating in an unbalanced state for some time. Maintenance of the casing and the intake chamber In addition to regular inspection of the casing and the interior of the air intake for serious wear and removal of serious dust accumulation, these parts may not be repaired. Regularly check that all the fastening bolts are tight. For the fan with the compression bolts, press the butterfly spring on the foot to the installation height specified in the drawing. Maintenance of the bearing parts Always check the oil supply of the bearing oil. If there is oil leakage in the box, you can tighten the bolts of the end caps. If this is not possible, you may have to replace the new sealing packing. Maintenance of the remaining supporting equipment The maintenance and repair of all supporting equipment including motors, electric actuators, instruments, instruments, etc. can be found in the respective instruction manuals. These instructions are provided by the respective manufacturers, and the manufacturer provides these instructions to the user at random. Maintenance when the high-temperature circulating fan is stopped When the fan is stopped, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 °C, the residual water of the equipment and piping should be drained to avoid freezing the equipment and piping. Flue-cured tobacco circulation fan for long-term parking and maintenance when not in use. The surface of bearings and other major components should be coated with anti-rust oil to avoid rust. Tobacco baking high-temperature circulating fan rotor should be manually rotated by half a turn (180°) every half month or so. Before moving, mark the shaft end so that the uppermost point is located after the rotor is moved. the bottom.

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