Post stabilization subsidy publicity in 2020

Release time: 2020-07-28

According to the "Notice of the People's Government of Fujian Province on Fifteen Measures to Further Improve Employment and Entrepreneurship Work under the New Situation" (Minzheng [2015] No. 44), "Notice of Further Improving Issues Related to Job Stabilization in Unemployment Insurance Support Enterprises" (Minrenshewen (2015) No. 291), and "Notice of Further Improving Work Related to Job Stabilization and Skill Improvement in Unemployment Insurance Support Enterprises" (Minrenshewen (2019) No. 130) "Notice of Fujian Provincial Human Resources and Security Department, Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Fujian Provincial Department of Education, Fujian Provincial Department of Finance, Fujian Provincial Department of Transportation, Fujian Provincial Health and Health Commission on Supporting Enterprises to Return to Work and Stabilize Their Posts during the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control" (MRSWW (2020) No. 23.

Currently, I am applying to the Fu'an City Labor and Employment Management Center for a total of 27280 yuan of job stabilization subsidies for 2019. The funds for job stabilization subsidies are used for: employee living subsidies, payment of social insurance premiums, job transfer training, skill upgrading training, and other related expenses.
It is hereby announced!

Fujian Huada Fun Machinery Co., Ltd
July 28, 2020
Publicity time; From July 28, 2020 to August 2, 2020,
Supervision unit: Fu'an City Labor and Employment Management Center
Supervision Tel.: 0593-2132291