Classification of fans

Release time: 2018-05-16

Fans can be classified into several types according to the material used, such as iron shell fans (ordinary fans), fiberglass fans, plastic fans, aluminum fans, stainless steel fans, and so on
Fans can be classified into centrifugal, axial, oblique (mixed flow), and cross flow types according to the direction of gas flow.
(1) Centrifugal fan. After entering the impeller of the fan axially, the air flow mainly flows along the radial direction. This type of fan is made based on the principle of centrifugal action, and its products include centrifugal fans, centrifugal blowers, and centrifugal compressors.
(2) Axial flow fan. The airflow enters the impeller of the fan axially and flows approximately along the axial direction on a cylindrical surface. This type of fan includes axial flow fans, axial flow blowers, and axial flow compressors.
(3) Rotary fan. Use the rotor rotation to change the volume of the air chamber to perform the work. Common varieties include roots blower and rotary compressor.
Fans are divided into axial flow fans, centrifugal fans, and oblique flow (mixed flow) fans according to the flow direction of the air entering the impeller.
Fans are divided into press in type local fans (hereinafter referred to as press in type fans) and extraction type local fans (hereinafter referred to as extraction type fans) with flameproof motors located outside or within the flow path and flameproof motors located in explosion-proof sealing chambers.
According to the form of pressurization, fans can also be divided into single stage, double stage, or multi-stage pressurization fans. For example, 4-72 is a single stage pressurization fan, while high-end fans are multi-stage pressurization fans.
Fans can be divided into axial flow fans, mixed flow fans, roof fans, air conditioning fans, high temperature and humidity resistant fans, etc. according to their uses.
Fans can be divided into negative pressure fans, low pressure fans, medium pressure fans, and high pressure fans according to pressure.
According to the outlet pressure (pressure rise), it is divided into: ventilator (≤ 15000 Pa), blower (15-250000 Pa), and compressor (≥ 350000 Pa).
Huada GKF (KY) Series High Temperature Axial Flow Fan for Tobacco Baking This high temperature and high humidity fan is designed for tobacco baking. The motor adopts Class F and Class H insulation, and the fan uses a new type of four arc-shaped aluminum leaves. The angle of the fan blade can be adjusted according to user needs. Compared with rectangular blades, it has significant advantages such as large air volume, high efficiency, and energy conservation, and is widely used in high-temperature and high humidity places such as tobacco baking.